I cannot remember when I became interested in the images of the rubble from wars- possibly around the time when war images from Iraq’s bombed out cultural sites, started appearing on our screens. Or maybe its much earlier than that with my father’s stories about the Blitz in London – how they used to stand on the rooftop and wait to see where the bomb landed and how they collected shrapnel. Maybe its from later – when as a child myself following the 6 day war in 1967 – when we leave the shelters and start looking at the new reality around us. Some of my earlier memories on play and conflict are recalled in the previous blog called Play I Saw Today.

Either way I find myself sometime during 2005 sketching out a game made out of images of bombed out libraries in Iraq. The image here is from that time- a vast collection of images of the rubble, mounted on old wooden playing blocks. Later, in 2006, these sketches gradually evolved into A Hand Made  Memory Game, which by now is a triptych that includes ‘aerial bombs’ ‘refugees’ and ‘checkpoints. All three hand made memory games share the same characteristics- black and white images from across the world and many different historical times, make the games tricky to win…

Libraries in Iraq